I plan to distance myself from the internet for a period of time, as I am in a really unstable mental condition and do not intend to upset or drag anyone down on such matters.

You all are great friends, so I think it's fair to let you know that. I'm also sorry for not being able to express myself, it's not something I can do easily, something I can't even with my family.

I've been seeking treatment for a while, but I can't say that it's been effective. I also feel bad for not acting very well and being toxic to some people, and I want to apologize, something I don't intend to repeat.

This is something I've been dealing with for years, and it's not something I believe I can change right now. I hope this time away can help me develop psychologically maturely and emotionally in a good manner.

If I happen to go back online frequently, which is perhaps unlikely, I can't guarantee that I would be assuming my previous identity for reasons I'd rather not discuss at this time.

Furthermore, I hope I'm not causing anyone concerns. That's it, goodbye! Thank you for being wonderful friends. Goodbye for now, and I hope to return stronger and healthier when the time is right.